Hello All!  My name is Gina Marie Letizia, and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  I am a Southwestern College graduate in Art Therapy and Counseling.  I am from Wisconsin, yes a Green Bay Packer backer, and did my undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a Major/Minor in Art and Psychology.

My passions reside in yoga, art, diet/lifestyle, and nature.  I believe that these interests greatly influence my work as a counselor.  I recently finished my 200 hour Yoga Certification Accredited by the Yoga Alliance. Yoga has been a form of therapy for me since I began practicing 11 years ago.  I understand and am aware of the struggles that show up on the mat are often reflective of obstacles I face off of the mat.  I feel very blessed to have this modality to give me insight on areas of growth and transformation that are crucial in my continuing development of being a conscious and aware individual of society.

Nutrition and lifestyle are an integral part of who I am and believe that what we put in our bodies has a direct impact on we operate on a daily basis.  I have played around with many different diets/lifestyles and have gained great insight into how certain foods and substances  affect me.  I enjoy working with the WHOLE person, and for me this includes what one decides to put into their body.

I enjoy living in northern New Mexico and try to be in the mountains as often as I can.  Connecting with nature is a way for me to reflect, reboot, and recharge.